Peerless® Small Batch Bourbon

SKU: 813555020344

Non-Chill Filtered. Strictly Sweet Mash. Barrel Proof. No Water Added.
With an unparalleled 100 year history, we preserve the “quality surpassed by none” Peerless® caliber standards set by our ancestor, Henry Kraver.

This rich & mellow small batch bourbon is distilled, bottled and aged in Louisville, Kentucky’s Bourbon District.




Bottle Special

Purchase two or more Peerless® Bourbon or Rye 750mL bottles and receive $10 off per bottle. *Limit 10

Due to the careful distilling process, Peerless® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is multidimensional in terms of profile. Peerless® offers a well- balanced sipping experience that highlights a beautiful blend of oak & pepper, fruit & floral, and caramel & vanilla.

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